Digital Issue 74 Winter/Spring 2017


Digital Issue 74 Winter/Spring 2017


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Issue 74 Winter/Spring 2017


  • Thich Nhat Hanh teaches about nirvana – "the extinction of all the categories that you try to put everything in" – and how we can extinguish our confusion, worries, and anxieties and step into freedom.

  • Bhikkhu Bodhi talks about the role of mindfulness in social activism and in challenging injustice.

  • Cheri Maples shares about her experience of being a police officer, how mindfulness changed her work, and ways to increase compassion in the criminal justice system.

  • Sister Annabel Laity offers a teaching on the Three Dharma Seals – impermanence, no self, and nirvana – and gives real-life examples to help us grasp the concepts.

  • Long-term practitioners give insights from their joyful encounters with Thay in Plum Village in 2016.

  • Two teens write about their moments of transformation at retreats.


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