Digital Issue 70 Autumn 2015


Digital Issue 70 Autumn 2015


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Issue 70 Autumn 2015 features:

  • “Aware of the suffering” is the phrase that begins each of the Five Mindfulness Trainings, and it is a theme for this issue of the Mindfulness Bell. In “Love without Frontiers,” Thich Nhat Hanh prescribes a beautiful antidote to despair and isolation, and gives practical guidance on how to love. 
  • An invitation to deepen our understanding about the suffering of racial injustice. In "Deep Listening Workshop," Joanne Friday offers a model for how to respond effectively to violence and hatred. Additional articles show how to engage in self-inquiry, create a path of racial and social equity, and build beloved community.
  • Sheding light on other forms of suffering—imprisonment, illness, grief—and how they can be transformed with compassion and mindfulness. And we offer an interview with the filmmakers of Walk With Me, a forthcoming documentary about Plum Village and the inner and outer journeys of our monastic sisters and brothers.

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