THE NEW ISSUE: Mindfulness at Work

Winter/Spring 2018 Issue 77

Guest edited by Kai Romhardt, a Dharma teacher from Germany, this issue is infused with reflections about mindfulness at work.

  • In “Who Is the Boss?” Sister Chan Dieu Nghiem shares about how to take good care of ourselves, come back to the present, observe our minds, and practice aimlessness.
  • A friend from the Work’Inspir Sangha reflects on the journey of organizing the Plum Village International Business Retreat: Mindful and Compassionate Leadership last spring.
  • Practitioners share practical tools in the workplace, such as the planning of a co-working day, tips on cultivating mindful workcontemplations before starting the workweek, and the word for today
  • Practitioners reveal heartfelt insights from their experiences with changing or quitting jobs, following their right livelihood, and collaborating on the nunnery project with the monastic sisters at Deer Park Monastery.
  • A former long-term Plum Village practitioner describes a transition she experienced while studying at a boarding school.
  • Parents tell us about their kids’ revelation about meditation and presence for one another.

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