THE NEXT ISSUE: Mindful Eating

Available in early October, the Autumn 2017 issue features:

  • Dharma talk “Mindful Consumption:” Thich Nhat Hanh tells about the Five Mindfulness Trainings as a bodhisattva path and explains how to work with blocks of pain.

  • Sister Jina's reflections on cooking mindfully in the kitchen while Thay gave talks in the dining room next door.
  • Practitioners share about the rewards and struggles of following a plant-based diet and engaging in mindful practices, such as a chocolate meditation, transformation of overeating habits, and making of “nut cheeze.”
  • Interviewees reveal heartfelt insights from their experiences with rescuing farmed animals and creating animal sanctuaries.
  • Plant-Powered Sanghas describe how they practice together, and offer a guided meditation for compassionate, plant-based eating.
  • Illustrations by Brother Phap Ban and Brother Phap Ho