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Going to a Soup Kitchen

By Alisa Rudnick First we picked the lettuce from our farm, which I have done many times before, but I never knew where it was going. Then I asked, "When are we going to the soap kitchen?" ''Thursday,'' Mom said. "It's a soup kitchen, Alisa, not a soap kitchen," said my friend Cora.

Two days later we were driving to the soup kitchen. When we got there, we unloaded the 20 boxes of vegetables. We were given a short tour and got to work making sandwiches. We must have made 300!

We served so many people. Then, we realized it was the same people over and over-some of them must have come three times. More than a couple of people told us how nice it was to see kid volunteers. Then, it was our tum to eat. The food was delicious. I'm glad I had a chance to help people.

Alisa, age 9, lives at Green Gulch Farm in Muir Beach, California, with her parents, Wendy Johnson and Peter Rudnick.

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