Letter from (one of) the Editors

Dear Brothers and Sisters on the path, in this moment my heart is clear, not because i have attained much understanding, not because i am able to love all without discrimination. my heart is clear because i have a path to go.

a path that is rich and full of learning, with many companions to support me and protect me. i know that i am best protected by our practice, by our capacity to calm, to embrace suffering and pain to bridge the chasms of separation and fear, to relax into connection.

dear friends, dear companions, i am aware of your presence, of your sincerity and care.

i am in touch with a source of peace, a source of energy, not dependent on the great elements of earth, air, water and fire. yet not independent. our energy arises from our aspirations, our sincere wish to understand, to love, to hold as one.

i touch the earth, i touch my life source with gratitude, with concentration, with joy. and i am nourished, to continue. to grow. to love. i acknowledge my weaknesses, my mistakes and i make the vow to lay all my suffering on the earth, to transform everything i have received from my ancestors, from my society into a great source of peace and presence.

dear brothers and sisters, please enjoy this small booklet in your hands. it is an offering to you. it is an opportunity to meet your friends on the path of practice, to smile to each other, to simply acknowledge each other’s presence, as real.

peacefully, your sister steadiness

July 8th, 2003

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Poem: The Oracle

mb36-TheOracle1Celebration of Tet, 2004 Stop. Drop everything except your breath and walk toward the altar like a bride advancing toward her beloved. Sit on your cushion tall and serene, concentrating until your heart’s desire burns in your chest like a glowing ember. Then lay yourself face down on the earth, letting the hard shell of your mind crack open, spilling its arrogance into the soil. When you are empty, stand up. Breathe three times. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Then leap into the wishing well. From the other side of time, deep at the bottom of the well, a poet will raise his arms, catching your fall. His love will lift you back into time, holding a ticket to joy. This ticket bears a number that corresponds to a door. Find this door and open it. On the other side is a path. Do not hesitate. There is no mistake. This is your path. Straight ahead, the object of your desire reaches out to take your hand.

Emily Whittle, True Wonderful Happiness, lives in Red Springs, North Carolina and practices with the Healing Springs Community of Mindful Living.

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