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Thay Calls for UK Dharma Centre

During the Easter retreat in England, Thay called for the UK Sangha to set up a Dharma centre. There is, he said, a "desperate need" for such centres in England where the practice can be learned and strengthened. Thay suggested that the centre be called "Being Peace" and that Sister Jina be appointed as teh first Abbess, with up to three other resident monks or nuns from the monastic order. Thay hopes to visit England annually and offered the possibility of Sister Annabel leading several retreats at the centre each year. Only weeks earlier, the UK Sangha had established a small group to study this same issue. We are now actively engaged in seeking to fulfill Thay's request. Donatiosn will be gratefully received from friends world-wide. Please send a cheque or bankers' draft, in pounds sterling to "Interbeing Dharma Centre Fund," c/o Kate Atchley, 52 Brookfield, Highgate West Hill, London N66AT, England, Fax: (44) 181-347-6713, Email: PDF of this article