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Dear Editor: The last Mindfulness Bell was a rich and diverse offering on mindfulness in education. I’m still enjoying it! In 2008, I started a blog: www.mindfulkids.wordpress.com. This might be a helpful resource to add to the list of mindfulness in education resources as it features many of the practices developed by the Plum Village community for children (also with some practices translated into French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish). Parallax Press will release a book on practicing mindfulness with children this coming spring, based on the Plum Village children’s program manual.

We recently returned from Florence, Italy, where we helped lead a mindfulness camp for children and parents in the woods. We built a hut in the forest, created a nature mandala, and practiced outdoors. Based on the Waldkindergarten, or Forest Kindergarten, model, our main teachers over the five days were the path we walked through the meadow and the beautiful Imprugneta forest that warmly welcomed us.

Thank you for this wonderful resource and enjoy the pictures!

Sister Jewel


Dear Sangha Friends:

This letter is in response to the articles on Sangha building (Summer 2009), from a grateful recipient of the caring energies of the Laughing Rivers Sangha. Two years ago, I was driving to my second home in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania for our Sangha picnic. I was hurrying a little, and as Thay reminds us, I should have been driving more mindfully. I let my car coast back while turning around, and as I headed forward again, the accelerator stuck. The car became airborne and headed into the woods, knocking down some trees before coming to a halt. I ended up breaking my back. I survived, but spent some weeks in the hospital and my back still hurts, two years later. We did, however, manage to have one last heavenly picnic before I moved to a senior living community. Since then, the Sangha has been marvelous, driving out to have weekly mindfulness meetings with me, from which I always come away rejuvenated.

At Christmas time, Sangha members helped me prepare my Christmas letter. I received many responses fi with messages of concern and kindness which touched me deeply and made me cry. There has been so much sympathy and many heart-warming verses. I never cease to be amazed. Dear Sangha, all of your tender loving care has done so much for this 82-year-old woman.

A lotus for each of you, with palms joined in my heart,

Joanne Stephenson True Realization of Home


Dear Friends:

Please renew my subscription to the Mindfulness Bell. I greatly enjoy reading every issue. Your magazine provides inspiration and guidance for our prison Sangha. We read and discuss the Dharma topics covered in each issue. Thay’s teachings are truly inspiring, as well as all the other contributors. I was saddened to read of Thay’s stay in a Boston hospital and I hope that his current health is good. Keep sending the Dharma my way and know that you are moving mountains here on the inside.

Thank you,

Thomas A. Scott Central City, KY

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