bridge building

Poem: Fathers and Daughters

mb37-Fathers I traveled on a bridge to your creative side today after thinking you didn’t have one noticing the interwoven stitches that are you for a change giving attention to your brightly colored aura and your story telling hands finding meaning in the pauses between your speech and the comfort of now I didn’t travel alone this time as our ancestral footprints and the bridge were one and the same I asked for help for a change and found value in the awareness of bridge walking and the patience of bridge building embracing your inner child and mine we left the pain on the other side this time as we gave priority to the family for a change I found refuge in your subtleties and let go of expectations of what creativity looks like realizing that our potentials are one and the same we sat and created a painting as wide as the bridge that I traveled on

—Karla Broady, Awakened Honesty of the Heart

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