Poem: Untitled Poem 1

A blessing of winter to you--When the earth lies asleep in the dark In the cord that can chill our bones May your heart stay awake and attentive May you hear how "creation still groans."

A blessing of springtime to you-- When all rivulets gurgle again And wet branches unfurl their green, May your heart's tears of joy and of gratefulness Be the water to wash anger clean.

A blessing of summer to you-- When in orchards the fruit starts to glow And in gardens the flowers are flaring, May your heart come ablaze with the fire That can kindle compassionate caring.

A blessing of autumn to you-- When the fragrance of fruit fills the air As we wake to the call of wild geese, May your heart find the home that it longs for May you know where to seek your true peace.

Brother David Steindl-Rast


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