Simple Living

One of the theme songs of the retreat for environmentalists. Too many words Too many sounds Too many attractions Turn me around. Too many miles In a chrome cocoon I never get anywhere I can't see the moon.

Too many commercials Too many lies Too many celebrities I don't recognize. Too many brand names Too many magazines Got so much sensation I can't see a thing.

Simple living Gotta get to simple living Simple living Simple simply living

Too many things We just throw away If we put it in the garbage We're gonna eat it someday. We tum on the lights And a river dies We turn the TV on To see an eagle fly

Too much work With nothing to do Too many drearns Never come true Too much hurting Without a second glance Too much desperation They call romance.

I'mm gonna take this life pare it to the bone Baby when you knock Baby I'll be home. I'll make my breakfast Sweep the floor Open the window Unlock the door.

Gonna turn off the video the audio too. Open my eyes Take in the view See the divine In the veins of a leaf In the hands of a beggar In the eyes of a thief.

Simple living Give me simple living

Words and music by Fred Small, ©1991 Pine Barrens Music (BMI) from the album "Jaguar," available from: Small Potatoes, Telephone: (800) 788-6043.

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