Poem: The Good News

The good newsthey do not print. The good news we do print. We have a special edition every moment that we need you to read. The good news is that you are alive and the linden tree is still there standing fInn in the harsh winter. The good news is that you have wonderful eyes to touch the blue sky. The good news is that your child is there before you, and your arms are available. Hugging is possible.

They print only what is wrong. Look at each of our special editions. We always offer the things that are not wrong. We want you to benefit from them and help protect them. The dandelion is there by the sidewalk, smiling its wondrous smile, singing the song of eternity. Lo! You have ears capable of hearing it. Bow your head. Listen to her. Leave behind your world of sorrow and preoccupation and get free. The latest good news is that you can do it.

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