Gathering Strength

I finally found a way to do walking meditation in the center of my town. It's a secret plot. It's happening, and no one knows that's what we're doing. We walk silently on Friday mornings from 8:00-9:00 at the town square in Concord to remember the Earth and its beauty, the absolute worth of each human being, our sons and daughters, and the world we leave to them. We walk to remember that war is a tragedy, whether we believe its cause to be just or unjust And to remember its costs - human lives, in physical, emotional, and psychological wounding in environmental consequences, and in financial resources that could otherwise be used for human human betterment. We walk to gather and renew the strength of spirit to continue the difficult work of dialogue and discussion - even in a time of war. Truly it has been very healing and renewing to walk slowly with a group of friends and strangers during this very difficult time.

Anne Yeomans Concord, Massachusetts

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