Gathas Given by Thay to the Dharma Teachers Ordained in January

To Thich nu Dieu Nghiem Jina:
The Wonderful Dharma is found in worldly dharmas.
To adorn one's own body is to adorn the True Dharma Body
One morning when our planet wakes up,
The dew will have washed away all afflictions created by humankind.

To Thich nu Nhu Phuoc:
A light smile just appears on the lips of the Tathagata.
Happiness and Wisdom are already there to make the world more beautiful.
When the torch of Sila and Samedhi begin to shed light,
The flowers of Prajña already bloom next to my balcony.

To Thich Giac Thanh:
The nature of Enlightenment has always been the nature of Permanence.
All sounds are expressing the one Wondrous sound.
Although the Ocean of Vairocana is reflecting perfectly the moon,
The sounds of Her waves are still like Thunder.

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