From the Editors

This issue of the Mindfulness Bell is about relationships. In his opening dharma talk, Thich Nhat Hanh addresses the concerns of community, family, and parenting, especially single parenting. Thay spoke about these subjects quite a lot during the summer retreats at Plum Village, his practice community in France, emphasizing that these are important dharma doors for Buddhism in the West. Annabel Laity and Allan Hunt Badiner's comments on the Six Principles of Harmony and the Five Awarenesses follow Thay's dharma talk. We have received much encouraging feedback from the first two issues of the Mindfulness Bell. Utne Reader favorably reviewed us among just a few new publications in their September issue, and we continue to receive letters and word of mouth that you, the readers, are pleased. Please, if you want to write something about your experience practicing mindfulness, we would be most grateful to receive it and to try to publish it. Also, if there are things we could be doing better or more to your satisfaction, let us know.

On page 26 is Thich Nhat Hanh's Spring 1991 North American Retreat and Lecture Schedule, including registration information. We hope that many of you will be able to come to one of the dozen retreats and Days of Mindfulness. We hope you enjoy and are engaged by this issue.

Arnie Kotler, Carole Melkonian, Therese Fitzgerald

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