Bong Bong

Several years ago, I was staying in a little cabin in the mountains, taking some time for a much-needed retreat. One morning I woke up and began the day in a rather upset and annoyed frame of mind. I went outside to brush my teeth, and when I came back, I hit my head on a heavy bell that for some reason was hung from the eaves of the cabin. Not too long after, when I went out to get some firewood, I hit my head on the same bell again. Now I was getting really annoyed. Why was that bell there anyway? My head was starting to really hurt, and I was mad. I tried to be more aware of it and I made it in and out several times before I hit my head on the bell a third time. Bong! I finally got the message. It was a bell of mindfulness. It was time for me to stop, sit down, breathe, and return to myself-face my anger and frustration directly and quit blaming others or taking it out on myself. I took the time I needed to look at what it was I was so upset about. Cyntha Jurs Santa Fe, New Mexico

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