Who Decides Suitability?

By R.A. Poolman Ten years ago, after our house was broken into, I phoned the dogs' refuge home to ask whether it was wise to adopt a larger, mature dog. I was concerned as I was to be away on business for the next two weeks, and the break-in had been very disturbing for my family. The person at the dogs' refuge said, no, it was not generally a good idea to adopt a larger mature dog. However, they had one at the home that had become a favorite of all the staff, and they would love her to go to a good home.

At the dog's refuge, my wife and son went off immediately to look at the puppies, while I went to see the recommended dog. Sure enough it was a large German Shepherd cross. When I told my son that I had been looking at a dog who was unsuitable, he wanted to go and see for himself. The cage was opened, the dog ran to my son and licked him. They both ran off onto the grassy area, rolled around together, and they have been good friends ever since.

Who decides suitability? The interconnectedness had simply been there waiting for the pattern to be completed.

R.A. Poolman , a taxation and arts management consultant, lives in Claremont, Australia.

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