By Lucy Sauer

I am so glad my husband and I attended a course on the Five Precepts in Little Rock last June with Therese Fitzgerald. We have many struggles in our life as a couple, and I know that working on the precepts together helps us. It was also great that our five-year-old daughter Hannah was able to meet Therese, as she has a deep reverence for life, and Therese's teachings encourage and nurture this.

This morning a cricket was drowning in our dog's water bowl. It was not enough just to rescue it We also had to be sure it wasn't under the car when we left for school. A few nights ago Hannah was too excited to go to sleep. I sang our standard hypnotic lullaby, but she didn't calm down so I asked her if I could sing the Two Promises song about love and understanding. She happily agreed, and we lay in the near-dark together while I sang it over and over. She joined in with "mmmm-ahh" every time and periodically chastised, "You forgot the 'ding,'" because I didn't go "understan - ding!" Eventually she fell asleep. What a wonderful meditation for me!

Lucy Sauer is a medical doctor in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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