Transforming the EIAB

Dear Friends, The EIAB has received very generous donations from students of Thay all over the world, for which we are very grateful; without them our work here wouldn’t be possible. We hope that we can continue to rely on the help and commitment of the international Sangha. We would also like to thank you for participating in our courses and retreats, and for practicing and giving spiritual support.

In 2014, we started a major construction project involving both the kitchen and dining room. The large kitchen is a remnant of an old army building and is not in compliance with standards for hygiene or fire safety. In addition, the entire water supply system is outdated. Urgent renovations also involve extending the existing large kitchen to create a new dining room.

Since we came to the EIAB seven years ago, all cooking has been done in a very small (twelve square meters) kitchen in an ancillary building which also does not comply with fire-safety regulations.

Currently, approximately forty monks and nuns live at the EIAB. We also have many guests and visitors. This means that we cook three meals a day for around sixty people during the week and 150 people during the weekends. In addition, we have large family retreats (New Year’s, Easter, Summer, Autumn), each with  about 150 participants. Finally, we hold two very large retreats with our teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh. At these retreats we cook for up to one thousand people every day for an entire week, and because this is impossible to do in the tiny kitchen, we have been forced to improvise a lot.

Further on, we plan to expand the new big kitchen to create a common dining hall big enough for all guests, nuns, and monks. Up to now, during the big retreats, we have had to eat in several different rooms, which means we are unable to benefit from the collective, mindful energy of the larger Sangha. Moreover, our small dining area doesn’t comply with fire-safety regulations. Please support the realization of this construction project with your donation. To donate, visit or contact

We wish you success as you practice mindfulness in your daily life.

In brotherhood and sisterhood,

Thay Phap An and the brothers and sisters of the EIAB.

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