Poem: I Believe

I believe in the mind and its unknown wonders—

the lifelong friendship,

the drive to the basket,

the importance of humor,

the midnight snack.

But I don't believe in the economy and working only for money.

I believe in seizing the day.

I believe in a good night's sleep.

I believe in relaxation and meditation.

And I believe in random sibling playful fights

that bring people closer

and the importance of sister/brotherhood

in family and throughout life.

Kenzo Dix

On May 29,1994, Kenzo Dix, 15-1/2 years old, of Berkeley, California, was accidentaly shot and killed while playing with a friend who was handling his father's gun. Kenzo was well-loved and will be sorely missed. Services were performed by Reverend Akinori Imai, who helped us cope with this tragedy with the following words: "Everybody, including the family members, friends, and all of us here who are involved in Kenzo's incident are suffering. If we are not mindful, that is, if we do not transform our shared suffering through compassion and deep understanding, then one day our child again will be lost. It is our affair. We are not observers. We are participants."

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