Thank you for your marvelous climate change issue [Autumn 2014] and special thanks to Sister Jewel for her skillful interview with Charles Eisenstein, who came to the truths of interbeing and non-separation from outside the Buddhist tradition. His deep thought on these subjects and on our need for a new paradigm, a new story, gave me rich inspiration for my practice. In gratitude,Donna Thomas

These are trying days for us practitioners in the Plum Village tradition, with our beloved teacher, Thay, confined in a Bordeaux hospital with serious illness. The news about Thay’s hospitalization was especially painful for our Sangha friends in Japan, who had been working hard in preparing for the 2015 Thich Nhat Hanh Japan Tour, for they were confronted with the possibility that Thay would not be able to make the trip to speak directly to his followers in Japan, including educators and health care professionals, who have been waiting for his visit for almost twenty years since his last visit. Among the events scheduled for Thay during the 2015 Japan tour is a five-day retreat, “Peace Is Every Step,” which will be held May 2-6 in a beautiful holiday park at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Our Sangha friends in Japan have decided to hold the five-day retreat as planned, for the work they do to plan for it has become their practice in the Plum Village tradition—to heal and transform the pain they feel inside into the energy of mindfulness to spread Thay’s teachings. It was Thay himself who reminded members of the Japanese Sangha who were at Plum Village for the summer retreat that the work they do planning and preparing for his visit is a form of practice involving deep listening and loving kindness. As ones who have been given opportunities to work with them closely for the last couple of months, we would like to share this story about our Sangha friends in Japan, for they have transformed their pain into a positive energy to concentrate on their work here and now, fully embracing Thay’s teaching that they are the continuation of the Buddha, that one Buddha is not enough.

For more information about the 2015 Thich Nhat Hanh Japan Tour, please visit: http://tnhjapan.org. Information about how to register for the May 2-6 retreat will be posted at the following website: http://pvfhk.org/index.php/en/.

Tetsunori and Hisako KoizumiBlue Heron Sangha, Columbus, Ohio