Is This Heaven?

By Anne Jimenez One night, I looked over at my husband who almost died of a heart attack a year ago. The thought of not having him there gripped my heart. Moving closer, I lay my head on his shoulder and became aware of his breathing and heartbeat. The two of us rested in quiet harmony. I wondered if this was heaven. There was a sense of wholeness within me and perfect harmony with another—a joyous peace.

I wondered what a community would be like if everyone appreciated their many different gifts and were aware of the one spirit of life uniting them. We are not perfect people. As individuals in the historical dimension we do not have all the gifts which the Spirit contains. Only in working together with others can we "have it all." Who has not seen the satisfactions of a couple who complement one another and accept the other's talents as a part of the wholeness of their relationship? Who has not seen the successes of parents who welcome each other's contributions to the raising of their children?

Anne Jimenez, a social worker and facilitator of small groups designed to increase spiritual awareness, lives in San Jose, California.

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