Invoking Kshitigarbha's Name

We invoke your name, Kshitigarbha. We aspire to learn your way so as to be present where there is darkness, suffering, oppression,  and despair, so that we may bring light, hope, relief, and liberation to those places. We are determined not to forget about or abandon those who are in desperate situations. We will do our best to establish contact with them when they cannot find a way out of their suffering and when their cries for help, justice, equality, and human rights are not heard. We know that hell can be found in many places on earth and we do not want to contribute to making more hells on earth. Rather we want to help unmake the hells that already exist. We will practice to realize the qualities of perseverance and stability that belong to the earth so that, like the earth, we can always be supportive and faithful to those who need us.

Thay wanted us to share this invocation, that will be included in "Invoking the Bodhisattvas' Names," Plum Village Chanting and Recitation Book. Kshitigarbha (Sanskrit), Earth-Store Bodhisattva, is the patron of travelers, the newborn, and the unborn. In the West, he is known by his Japanese name, Jizo.

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