From the Editors

The Mindfulness Bell is always a community effort, beginning with submissions from readers describing their efforts to practice mindfulness in daily life. This issue is in remembrance of Charlie Malat, Hoang Phuoc, Sam Rose, and Anne Aitken, who passed from us in recent weeks. We begin with a Dharma talk by Thay on the transformation of suffering. Svein Myreng and Nora Houtman then illustrate practicing with Right Views, and Scott Mayer and Jim Fauss share insights on Right Livelihood. Jim Forest, Lisa Boken, and Father Mark Matthews explore mindfulness practice in light of Christian teachings, and others share practicing in relationships and other topics of personal interest. We are especially pleased to offer many photographs of the social work in Vietnam, thanks to the sisters from Hue, who hand-delivered them to us at Plum Village this summer. We hope you are nourished by this issue, and will share with us your own insights and experiences for our Fifth Anniversary issue, due out in February 1995. —Therese Fitzgerald, Arnie Kotler, and Carole Melkonian

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