From the Editors

We are happy to share with you the wonderful news that Thich Nhat Hanh will be visiting the United States this fall. We hope this gives you enough time to plan to spend time with him and Sister Chan Khong. Thay's Dharma talk on the Eightfold Path is a continuation of his teachings on the Four Noble Truths begun in the last issue, emphasizing Right Mindfulness, Concentration, and View as the foundations of practice that allow for the realization of the other "folds." Dorota's response to the Pope's new book reflects the global consequences of practicing Right View (or not).

Mindfulness of breath and feelings informs Elana Rosenbaum's article and the anonymous poem. Svein Myreng introduces the idea of "Sangha honeymoon," and several practitioners share their experiences of mindfulness in nature. Greg Marton continues the theme of "returning to our roots." Jonathan Maxson speaks for people in their twenties and we hear from young people in Gaia's poem and Sam's article.

As it becomes easier to know about life in Vietnam firsthand, we have vivid accounts and photographs. The work with veterans is developing now, as we begin editing the veterans' writings for a forthcoming book.

Letters from practitioners in various situations help us know each other's joys, struggles, insights, and needs. We invite you to respond to the pieces presented in this issue. Please let us know if we are succeeding in "bringing us back to our true selves" the way a real mindfulness bell can.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our dear friend and all-round bodhisattva Carole Melkonian for her great energy and tireless commitment to the development of The Mindfulness Bell. Carole gave this publication its name and helped produce every issue up to this one, before moving to Mendocino, California, to cultivate her bodhicitta through nursing work in a hospital there. Carole's love of mindfulness practice and joyous familiarity with the international Sangha (not to mention her lightning-speed as a typist) have shined all these years.

We have been fortunate to have the bright help of Michael Gardner with Sangha news and subscriptions for the past two years. His steady presence in the CML office has nourished all of us here and the many people he was in contact with throughout Thay's visit in 1993 and since. Michael is now offering courses on the Enneagram "and beyond"in the Bay Area, California.


We are blessed to have Ellen Peskin, True Full Fruition, as the new Associate Director of CML and coeditor of The Mindfulness Bell. Offering incense, bowing, and reciting a gatha every morning together, we carry on through the day in support of each other's efforts to practice mindfulness as we take care of all we can.

—Therese Fitzgerald, Arnie Kotler, and Ellen Peskin

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