By Sam Peskin Friendship comes in many forms—the one we know best is when two people have a relationship together. Friendship is good because without friends it would be a crazy world. Friends help each other and do favors for each other when the other one needs help. Friends are good because you always have someone to talk to, to do things with and play with.

Friends aren't always people. They can be animals, plants, or even rocks. A friend isn't always someone you go to the movies or do things with. It could also be a pet who licks your face and always is nice to you even though sometimes they chew up your things. Or it could be a plant that you found in a special place that makes you feel better, or just a pretty stone that you found.

I make my friends by being nice, doing favors they need, giving them support, listening to what they have to say, and not interrupting them. I try never to treat my friends with disrespect. By the way, nobody's perfect. Friends might do something that you don't like once in a while, and you might also. It's okay to get your anger out and fight (not physically) with each other, but you should always forgive each other later. You always have to remember to treat your friends how you want to be treated.

Sam Peskin, age 12, lives in Oakland, California.


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