Finding a Way Home

By Jim Fauss Whenever I catch myself reacting to people with anger, I realize that I am in forgetfulness and not mindfulness. When I look deeply, I discover that these people are really suffering, making everyone around them turn against them. Perhaps I cannot change them, but I can change myself. When I breathe and shine the light of awareness on what is happening, it always helps. When I practice meditation even a few minutes in the morning or evening, there are usually fewer lapses of mindfulness in the day.

Sometimes I start the day by driving the bus from the mall on the edge of town. I drive out there a little early and have time for a few minutes to walk and prepare for the day. The mall can be quite beautiful early in the morning when there are not a lot of cars present. It is elevated above our valley, and from it you can see a long way.

It can be a challenge to find these opportunities for meditation during the day, but they are there. Knowing they are there is, in itself, already a breakthrough.

Jim Fauss, True Great Illumination, is a bus driver in Modesto, California.

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