Fragrant Mountain Ordination Ceremony will be held at Plum Village, Duras, France, August 3-7, 1994, under the direction of the Upadhyaya the Venerable Trung Quang Nhat Hanh, for the transmission of:

Five Upasaka (Lay) Precepts, August 3

Apply to the Registrar, Plum Village. You will need to stay at Plum Village at least one week before the ceremony. 

Fourteen Precepts of the Order of Interbeing, August 3 

Please apply to your local Sangha (see "Sangha News"), who can recommend you to Plum Village.

Sramanera/erika Precepts (for novice monks/nuns), Aug. 4

These precepts are the door to enter the Order of Buddhist Monks and Nuns. If you wish to be considered, please send a letter of recommendation from your Dharma Teacher to Sister True Virtue at Plum Village.

Pratimoksa (Bhiksu and Bhiksuni Precepts), August 5

For those who have already been ordained as novice monks and nuns. Application should include a letter of recommendation from your teacher or your Sangha. High monks and nuns in the Vietnamese Buddhist tradition will be present to transmit the precepts and to act as Sangha Karma Conveners and Dharmacaryas. Candidates whose own tradition does not have the opportunity of receiving the bhiksuni precepts will also be considered, but they need to spend time in Plum Village before the ceremony. Please write to Sister True Virtue at Plum Village.

Transmission of the Lamp, August 6-7

Transmission for Dharma Teachers who have already been trained. You are invited to attend the ceremony to give spiritual support. If you would like to attend the ceremony to give spiritual support, apply to the Registrar, Plum Village. For information about the Plum Village Summer Opening, July 15 to August 15, write to Registrar, Plum Village. 

June 1995 Retreat on Nuns' Practice

The Sangha of nuns at Plum Village is a organizing a seminar on "The Shaping of Communities of Nuns in the West," from June 17-22, 1995, to look deeply into the establishment of communities of western nuns from various traditions. Please address inquiries to: Sister Eleni, Plum Village, Meyrac, 47120 Loubes-Bernac, France. Fax: (33)


Gabriel Richard Hanh was born to Scott and Mctta Mayer-Lepouse in Bergerac, France, on May 12, 1994.

Volunteers Needed

Let us know if you would like to help us with the various aspects of producing The Mindfulness Bell—editing, typing, gathering Sangha news, design, or soliciting articles—or helping in the offices of CML and Parallax Press. We need your input! Call (510) 527-3751.

Peace Walk

Claude Thomas will be joining a "Peace Walk" that begins in December 1994. The route will include many areas of past or current conflict—Vietnam, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Balkans, Israel, Cambodia, and Japan. Any veterans who are interested in joining the walk from Saigon to Hanoi should contact Claude, and not let money deter them. Claude is seeking financial support to sponsor veterans and complete the trip. Tax-deductible contributions may be made to the Zaltho Foundation, c/o 321 Bedford Street, Concord, MA 01742. Tele: (508) 369-6112. Contact Claude at this address for more information.

Honoring Loss, Celebrating Life 

group of women artists are planning to travel to the former Yugoslavia to share their creativity and honor the stories of women there. Participants include Fran Peavey, Edi Hartshone, Naomi Newman, Rhiannon, and Penny Rosenwasser. Each performer has pledged to raise money from her own community to pay for transportation to Belgrade, but $23,000 is still needed for hotels, food, and other expenses. No salaries are being paid. If you would like to donate to their effort or would like more information, please contact: DOVES, 3181 Mission Street, #30, San Francisco, CA 94110, (510) 428-0240.

Global Children's Organization 

GCO provides programs, education, and services for children in troubled areas of the world. In July and August 1994, GCO will hold its second annual camp in the Adriatic for 300 children of the former Yugoslavia. For $480, a child can attend camp for two weeks of safety, sunshine, sustenance, and smiles. Any contributions will help. Checks payable to GCO Summer Camp Fund, c/o Edie Hartshone, 768 Contra Costa Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707.

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