Training Seminar for Veterans' Workshops  In September the Community of Mindful Living sponsored an Evening of Mindfulness with Maxine Hong Kingston in Berkeley to share the fruits of our three-year "Mindfulness and Writing Workshops for Veterans of War." Maxine presented ways our experiences might serve as a model for other groups wanting to integrate mindfulness practices, the arts, and community activism.

Sangha E-mail Directory

Several individuals and Sangha members have expressed interest in communicating with other Sanghas worldwide through e-mail. Gabrielle Yensen of Warm Snow Sangha, Ottawa, Canada, has offered to collect e-mail addresses and organize them. If your Sangha has an e-mail address, please inform Gabrielle at:

In Gratitude

Many thanks to Holly Cook and Mitchell Ratner for their generous donations of computers to our friends in Russia and Plum Village, and to Yuh-Jaan and Yecu-Chyn Wey for their contribution towards Plum Village translation equipment.

Buddhist Alliance for Social Engagement

BASE provides a structure for a group of volunteers to spend six months to a year in part or full-time service/social action work combined with Buddhist practice. The program includes ongoing support, training, and discussion around issues of socially engaged Buddhism. BASE began a pilot project in the San Francisco Bay Area and will expand to other locations as the program develops. Applicants will be matched to specific jobs on the basis of background, skills, and interest, as well as the needs of the organization. For application forms, job descriptions, financial aid forms, and further information, contact: Buddhist Peace Fellowship, P.O. Box 4650, Berkeley, CA 94704, Tel (510) 525-8596, Fax (510) 525-7973, e-mail-

Seeds of Peace Staff Position

Seeds of Peace is a nonprofit, educational project offering peace education in New England elementary schools and high schools. Part-time positions are available, beginning fall 1995, for staff educators to visit schools and teach about peace and social justice issues. For more information, contact Seeds of Peace, P.O. Box 858, Putney, VT 05346, (802) 387-4827.


On September 3,1995, Nguyen Bich Ngan and Nguyen Trung Chanh were married at Temple Viet Nam in Massachusetts. Our warmest congratulations to both of them and their families. May their days together be filled with joy.


Maezumi Haku 'yu Taizan Roshi, abbot of Zen Center of Los Angeles, died suddenly on May 14, 1995 in Japan, at the age of 64. He studied both Rinzai and Soto Zen in Japan, and in Los Angeles since he was 25. He was a Dharma heir in three Zen traditions, and left a number of strong Dharma heirs and teachers in North America who are commited to engaged Dharma work in the world, including working with abused children, homeless people, and prisoners.

The Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, founder of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, entered the stillness (nirvana) on June 7, 1995, in Los Angeles. He was untiring in his efforts to teach others, to rescue them from their suffering, showing them a bright road to walk upon. His kindness, compassion, and wisdom touched the lives and hearts of numberless beings.

Sulak Exonerated

We are very happy to report that in April, the Thai Criminal Court acquitted social activist, our good friend, and respected elder, Sulak Sivaraksa, of lese majesty (defamation of monarchy) charges. This case between the Military Junta known as the National Peace Keeping Council (NPKC) and Sulak Sivaraksa came after Sulak's public talk promoting democracy given to university students in 1991. Several days after the talk, General Suchinda Kraprayoon, Deputy leader of NPKC, pressed charges of lese majesty and defamation of himself. As a result of these charges, Sulak left the country and lived in exile. In 1992, following the pro-democracy demonstrations, the NPKC relinquished power and Sulak was able to return to fight the charges. Sulak's recent acquittal shows that the court understood that his remarks were aimed at raising students' awareness and teaching self-reliance. This landmark verdict was seen by Sulak and his supporters as a "morale booster for people struggling for democracy and the country."

Thank you to everyone who responded to the letter-writing campaign and sent warm wishes on Sulak's behalf.

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