Documentary Film about Thay Work continues on Peace Is Every Step, the film profile of Thich Nhat Hanh. Recently, actor Ben Kingsley (Gandhi, Schindler's List) agreed to narrate the film, an extraordinary gesture that significantly improves the film's prospects for worldwide broadcast. In addition, negotiations underway for a coproduction arrangement with a German production company are designed to result in a broadcast agreement with German public television. Broadcasters in Canada, England, France, Korea, and Australia are also interested.

In the meantime, writing and editing continue in Berkeley, with a rough cut possible by the end of May and, if funding is secured, the film can be finished before the summer. To maintain this schedule (and not lose momentum and the availability of facilities and key personnel), $10,000 is required over the next six weeks. Loans (to be repaid from the proceeds of film sales) and donations (to CML) are most welcome.

New Books & Tapes by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Long Road Turns to Joy: A Guide to Walking Meditation (Parallax Press)

Living Buddha, Living Christ, read by Ben Kingsley (audio tape, Simon & Schuster)

Teachings on Love (audio tape, Sounds True)

Order of Interbeing Ordinees

We extend a warm welcome to the following members of the Order of Interbeing who were ordained at Plum Village on January 25, 1996: Brother Shariputra, Brother Ivar, Michael Ciborski, Fern Dorresteyn, Danka Lucznik, Ursula Schwarz, Thich Thanh Due, Sister Dam Tien, Sister Nhu Quang.

Next Year in Jerusalem

Michael Rosenbush is exploring the possibility of Thay offering a retreat in Israel in May 1997. This summer he is trying to sponsor five Israeli students and adults to attend the Plum Village Summer Opening. To contribute towards these efforts, please contact Michael at 189 Rue St. Honore, 75001, Paris, France. Phone/Fax: (33) 1-4926-0728.

New Books & Tapes by Order Members

Getting Our Bodies Back: Recovery, Healing, and Transformation Through Body-Centered Psychotherapy by Christine Caldwell, True Original Vow (Shambhala)

Zen and Japanese Culture by D.T. Suzuki, read by Christopher Reed, True Jewel (Audio Renaissance Tapes)

Appetites: On the Search for True Nourishment by GeneenRoth, True Dharma Joy (Penguin)

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