An Ordinary Practice

By Metta Lepouse Mayer It is easy to get discouraged by the endless needs around us. I try to keep in touch with suffering through my involvement with Amnesty International. Their meetings, videos and pamphlets are often agonizing, but they succeed in shattering my bourgeois tranquility. I write letters and keep in touch, hoping for a Burmese sister, a Sudanese grandfather, or a Haitian child. Letterwriting seems so humble in the midst of great suffering, but the results are tangible. Over 1,000 prisoners were released in 1994. Only a drop in an ocean of tears, but that drop relieves!


This is one thing ordinary, non-heroic people can do. There are countless more.We can take on one thing at a time. One cause, one person, one breath at a time.

Metta Lepouse Mayer, True Abode of Trust, is a registered nurse in Vancouver, Washington.

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