Letters to The Mindfulness Bell

We received the last issue of The Mindfulness Bell and use it at our meetings . We read Thay's article, "Liberation from Suffering" and were delighted by the deep wisdom of his words. Thank you for your support of the Moscow Sangha.Boris Orion Moscow, Russia

My heart is writing to thank everyone at The Mindfulness Bell for printing my article in issue #19. My hope is that through all our contributions of sharing the practice of mindfulness, we're spreading a love and kindness that will show our world how we can all live with peace. Jarvis Masters San Quentin, California

Thank you for the latest issue of The Milldfulness Bell. I particularly enjoyed the question and answer section with Thay on the first few pages-what wonderful wisdom. Alison Arron Wakefield, New Zealand

Since reading the first of Thay's books translated into Portuguese six years ago, I've been trying to practice his teachings. Last year, I went to the Autumn retreat at Plum Village and was happy to confirm that he was the person I had imagined. I came back to my country wanting to do my best to convey Thay's teachings to the people of my country. I would like to make contact with other people and be part of your Sangha. I would also like to publish a newsletter on Thay's teachings and translate some of the material from The Mindfulness Bell. Vera Lucia B. de Souza Belo Horizonte, Brazil

I live in one of the older neighborhoods in Omaha. The tension between those of different race and socio-economic status sometimes takes the form of verbal abuse, vandalism, and even physical assault. Over this past year, we have been trying to create a neighborhood gathering which would bring these disparate elements together in the safest possible atmosphere. The goal is to have everyone stand together in a circle for a moment, look one another in the eyes, and acknowledge the absolute goodness and beauty of all human beings . We hope to sow seeds of peace and reconciliation in the collective consciousness of our neighborhood. We have had three such gatherings so far with mixed success. There is quite a bit of resistance to the idea. I would appreciate any communication regarding similar efforts that Sangha members are engaged in as well as suggestions for how we might improve our effort. Mike McMahon Omaha, Nebraska

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