From the Editor

As we enjoy the warming breezes and fresh blossoms of spring here in California, we remember how different the seasons are on the other side of the Earth. Our Sangha brothers and sisters in New Zealand and Australia are featured in this issue's Sangha Profile and in a travel account by Therese Fitzgerald. We also hear from voices in India and England, sharing reflections on Thich Nhat Hanh's recent journeys there. The schedule and registration information for Thay's fall visit to the United States are also included (see inside back cover). We also look at the many facets of liberation. Sister Annabel's helpful commentary tells us that one translation of the word is "to disentangle." Our lead article, drawn from the question-and-answer sessions from the September "Heart of the Buddha" Retreat, shows Thich Nhat Hanh's clear and compassionate guidance in untangling ourselves from perceptions that can cause suffering. The bodhisattva ideal of Mahayana Buddhism teaches us that there is no individual liberation; all beings reach enlightenment together. The Daily Practice articles are contemplations on liberating ourselves and others in various situations, including a moving piece by Jarvis Masters about mindfulness practice in prison.

We are happy to introduce "Sangha Tools"- a new section which we hope will be helpful to readers who are involved in community building. This section is intended to provide practical information and guidance on Sangha-related activities and issues. Richard Brady has contributed the first article on facilitating Dharma discussion groups. We intend to have a future issue of The Mindjitlness Bell focus on Sangha-building, and invite your submissions on this topic.

-Maria Duerr, Managing Editor

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