The "Dharma Corps" During one of our discussions at the recent Order gathering . (see story on pp. 33-34), Therese Fitzgerald commented on the amount of work required to operate the Community of Mindful Living (CML). CML is responsible for publishing The Mindfulness Bell, facilitating Sangha activities and maintaining a Sangha directory, and many daily office activities needed to provide leadership for the growth of Dharma in the West. In addition, Thay's upcoming visit to the United States will require enormous support to facilitate his talks and retreats. With these increasing demands, it will become more challenging to practice breathing and smiling while providing quality service.

How can we help? Jerry Braza has suggested the development of a "Dharma Corps," on the model of the Peace Corps. Members of the Order and others could volunteer at least one week of support during times of peak need. Through involvement in the Dharma Corps, we will be better able to understand the needs of our organization and how we can support each other and Thay's teachings. Please consider spending one or several weeks in the Berkeley area or offer your skills in other creative ways so that we can practice interbeing in peace and joy. An anonymous Order member has agreed to help by providing half of the transportation costs for those who need financial assistance, on the condition that they first request support from their local Sangha for the other half. CML will assist volunteers in finding housing. Please contact Therese Fitzgerald or Barbara Machtinger at (510) 527-3751 if you are interested in joining this effort.

Dana Opportunities

Plum Village is looking for a PC to handle their voice recognition software and other projects. Specifically, they are looking for Pentium 150 (133-180), 16-32 MB RAM, 1.2-1.5 GB Hard Disk. 2MB Video Card. 14"-15" Monitor. Please contact Brendan Sillifent at the Lower Hamlet, tel: (33) 553-94-75-40, fax: (33) 553-94-75-90.

The Community of Mindful Living is also looking for several pieces of equipment to more effectively serve the Sangha. Especially needed are: Macintosh computers. a fax machine, a laser printer. a phone/voicemail system. and an email system for a Macintosh network. If you are able to help with any of these items. please contact Barbara Machtinger at (510) 527-3751.

Order Training/Gathering

Order of Interbeing members and confirmed aspirants are invited to a gathering in the San Francisco Bay Area July 11-13 to practice together and review and develop resources that help us be strong. Call the Community of Mindful Living (510-527-3751) if you are interested.


Ordained: The following people received the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings and joined the core community of the Order of Interbeing: Plum Village, France, February 14. 1997: Tran Nguyen Duc, Chan Minh Hanh Duong Thi Doan, Chan Dong Hanh Susan McCarn, True Compassionate Vow Salt Lake City, Utah. March 16. 1997: Vaughn Lovejoy, Joanne Lovejoy Stourbridge. England, March 29. 1997: Jean Michel Aubaret, True Light of Loving Kindness Caroline Brazier, True Function of Loving Kindness Christina Campbell-Thomson, True Forest of Loving Kindness Paul Tingen, True Harmony of Loving Kindness Chappell Hill, Texas. ApriL 6, 1997:  Peter Barnard Married: Kees Lodder and Liana Meredith celebrated their marriage vows with Dharma teachers Arnie Kotler and Therese Fitzgerald and the New Zealand Sangha on January 25. 1997 in Coromandel. New Zealand.

Recent Publications by Order Members

Moment by Moment: The Art and Practice of Mindfulness by Jerry Braza, Ph.D. (Charles E. Tuttle Co . Inc.) This book provides valuable techniques for enjoying each moment. It teaches us to quiet the mind. manage stress. enhance productivity, and transform feelings. The Baba and the Comrade: Gender and Politics in Revolutionary Russia by Elizabeth Wood (Indiana University Press. scheduled to be published in Fall 1997). Making Sense of Consensus by Don Wells and the faculty of Carolina Friends School, a Friends Council on Education pamphlet. Contact Richard Brady at 332 Boyd Avenue. Takoma Park. MD 20912. Email:

Mindfulness Bell Call for Submissions

We invite you to send brief anecdotes about the joys and challenges of daily practice for "Sangha Voices" (see Sangha News. this issue). We are also interested in photos of groups engaged in activities and original artwork. Please send to Maria Duerr, Managing Editor. P.O. Box 7355. Berkeley. CA 94707,

Prison Projects

If you would like to help facilitate meditation and discussion groups in North Carolina prisons, especially in Morganton, Raleigh. and Fayetteville. contact Bob Repoley. 923 Mineral Springs Rd., Charlotte. NC 28262. tel: (704)597-0304.

The Gateway Journal contains stories about practice on death row and in prison. The journal is available free of charge to inmates of correctional institutions. The general public may subscribe for a tax-deductible donation of $25 for four issues. Checks should be made payable to "The Engaged Zen Foundation." P.O. Box 700, Ramsey. NJ 07466-0700.

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