Growing Green MountainAs fall arrives, we want to let you know of our plans for future retreats at Green Mountain Dharma Center. Since it is taking longer than anticipated to acquire the zoning permit, we shall not be able to accommodate live-in retreats before next summer. Presently, we are receiving one or two guests to stay a week at a time in the house and practice with the monastic community. We shall continue this until October. Then, the number of monks and nuns from Plum Village will significantly increase, making it impossible for us to accommodate guests in the house. However, we anticipate the purchase of a guest house nearby where guest retreatants can stay overnight. During the winter retreat, November 15-February 15, we hope guests will be able to stay in the guest house and join us each day for retreat activities. Please let us know if you are interested in coming then. The Green Mountain Dharma Center will continue to be open on Thursdays and Saturdays for Days of Mindfulness, and every other Wednesday evening for training in Mindfulness Practice Center facilitation. Contact: Green Mountain Dharma Center, P.O Box 182, Hartland-Four Comers, Vermont 05049; tel: (802) 435-1102; fax: (802) 436-1101. - Sister Annabel Laity

Passages Born: Lucas Haley Masch, born April 11, 1998 to Travis Masch, True Maintenance of Practice, and LeeAnne Haglund of San Francisco, California. Died: Pauline Asthita Vegting, True Torch of Understanding, of the Dutch Sangha on May 21, 1998. (See page 19 for tribute.) Cathy Bontke, wife of Bob McDonald, True Original Voice, died suddenly on June 11, 1998, the day Bob received the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings at the 21-day retreat with Thay. Bob thanks everyone who reached out to him during the retreat and since.

Medical Alert At least three retreatants contracted Lyme disease during Thay's retreats at the Omega Institute and in Vermont this summer. The disease can be treated by antibiotics in its early stages. If not treated early, severe complications involving the joints, heart, and brain can occur. The disease is spread by ticks, which may be in their nymph stage and no bigger than a pinhead. Symptoms may include a red rash at the site of the bite or elsewhere on the body, headaches, chills and fever, body aches, or joint inflammation. These flu-like symptoms may disappear for some time. When they return, the disease can be more serious and difficult to treat. Please seek medical attention immediately if you exhibit any of these symptoms.

Mindfulness in Education At the Omega retreat with Thay in June 1998,35 educators and students shared ways they have offered mindfulness practice in classroom settings. We hope to continue sharing through The Mindfulness Bell and perhaps, in a newsletter. If interested, please contact Lyn Fine, 530 West End Ave #5B, NY, NY 10024.212-362-5923; email:

Healing Racism in Our Sanghas On Saturday, November 7, there will be a one-day workshop to explore issues of racism in Buddhist communities and to deepen awareness of racial conditioning and its impact. 1924 Cedar St., Berkeley, CA. Information: 510-464-3012.

Order of Interbeing Dues Ordained members of the Core Community of the Order of Interbeing, please remember to send your annual dues to the Community of Mindful Living, P.O. Box 7355, Berkeley, CA, 94707. Suggested amounts are $50 per person or $75 per couple. Questions? Call Leslie Rawls, 704-583-1279.

North American Order Retreat North American members of the Core Community of the Order of Interbeing will gather for a weekend retreat at the Green Mountain Dharma Center, October 9-12, 1998. If you are an ordained member of the Order and have not received registration information, please contact Mitchell Ratner or Richard Brady, 301-681-1036, voice mail #2,

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