The Touching and Helping Programs in Vietnam

Offering material and spiritual support to hundreds of communities in the poorestareas of Vietnam where education, development, social services and relief work are in great need to ensure healthy and happy lives for all.

For over 30 years we have provided material and spiritual support through financial donations and training in the practice of mindfulness for social workers, monastics and others in Vietnam to reach out to all those in desperate situations and to improve the lives of many through education, development projects, and emergency relief from natural disasters. As we are not a big organization with hired staff or administrative expenses, all the money that is received goes directly to those in need in Vietnam.

Dear friends, at this time in our Western society, not only do we generally have plentiful material conditions but we also have the great gift of access to wonderful and profound spiritual teachings and teachers. In other parts of the world there is a great thirst for the basic conditions of life and also for spiritual teachings that show us how to live om lives with greater peace and happiness. Your offerings are like clear streams of water lessening the suffering of many people, and allowing them to feel the love and understanding of humanity. Each small stream of water flows together to form the great ocean of compassion uplifting us all to feel om oneness as a family of all beings. A blooming lotus we offer to you!


Sister Chan Khong and the Committee for the Helping and Touching program of Plum Village, Green Mountain Dharma Center and Deer Park Monastery


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