The New Continuation of the Heart of Perfect Understanding

By Brother Phap Hien This chant does not have a precise and constant timing. Therefore this notation is simply a representation of the chant, offering a basic guideline in order to get started. Please learn the melody and chant in a relaxed way, pronouncing the timing of the words much in the same way as if you were reading them out loud. Each measure is a phrase. Each phrase is about one breath long and the first and last syllables receive a slightly longer expression, much like the Gregorian style of chanting. When done correctly the chant flows from one breath to another, in a natural and meaningful way. The chant encourages the chanter to be aware of what he or she is chanting, entering into the content of the chant. Realizing this the act of chanting becomes an act of real presence and clarity.

mb31-TheHeart1 mb31-TheHeart2

A new CD with current versions of many chants in English will be available from Parallax Press later this year.

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