Poem: I Embrace the Sky

I embrace the skywhen her storms hurl me into dark clouds I remind myself that we share the same matter the clouds and I Yet the clouds do not know my fears, my judgments, my plans I look up and see a woman riding a billygoat a cloud transforming through the sky I cannot hold on to the clouds

I embrace the sky knowing she is ever-changing Every morning she offers me a new view a new beginning and I beam with her light each moment I realize I am witnessing her freshness in me

I embrace the sky as 1 watch my actions Fear strikes my depths in old ruts worn deep But when I look to her I remember my being and see that I am not in the past nor in the future there is nothing to fear right now for she is smiling in a sunrise with me

I embrace the sky when my body aches with pain I breathe her air and feel her touch my whole being with energy from the belly of the universe her love soothes me and I breathe out in whispers of my essence "I am so free to let go of you as I embrace you."

I embrace the sky.

Erica Shane Hamilton

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