Pink Flowers of Insight

At the beginning of the fall we had a Day of Mindfulness for the Israeli-Palestinian group in a private apartment in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem. In the middle of the day we practiced walking meditation near the cemetery of English soldiers who fell in this area during World War I On the way back I took a shortcut through the open field, and very soon I discovered many pink flowers blooming. We call them "sitvaniot" in Hebrew; I don't know the Arabic name. These pink flowers were much bigger than the same flowersthat grow where I live. I wondered what made them grow to such a big size? It could not be because of the different climate, because in the mountains in the northern part of the country the same flowers are always much smaller. Did the flowers grow this big because of the fertility of the soil? Suddenly I made the connection and thought, yes, this soil of the Jerusalem mountains is more fertile because it has absorbed so much blood during all the generations of holy wars.

It is possible for pink flowers to bloom in spite of all that was happening. Will people be as clever as the pink flowers?

- Jonathan Arazy, True-Path of Peace.

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