Passages Married: On June 17, Lyn Coffin, True Mirror, and Paul Norton, Boundless Attentive Caring, were married in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Dharma Teacher Jack Lawlor (True Direction) performed the ceremony. The happy couple lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Community of Mindful Living Update

We at the central office of Communities of Mindful Living in Berkeley, California have been working mindfully on a number of projects.

Our staff of seven people has been working hard organizing Thay's West Coast events for this Fall—working with volunteers, coordinating publicity, logistics, administrative, and registration processes to make it possible (and easy) for thousands of people to practice with Thay.

We are in the process of creating two new pamphlets: "Welcome to the Order of Interbeing" and "The Communities of Mindful Living Network." These pamphlets are being developed to further connect individuals to one another and to support and nourish lay practice in the United States. We are also compiling data from the Sangha Survey responses and preparing a summary report for interested individuals and Sanghas.

We practice mindfulness in the workplace by enjoying telephone meditation, weekly Beginning Anew practice, and daily meditation in the afternoon. We continue to embrace "don't know" mind as we transition into our new manifestation as a division of the Unified Buddhist Church. Our mindfulness practices in the workplace have been nourishing and deeply healing elements in our daily work lives.

Notes from the Ottawa Sangha

The Ottawa community had three memorable days with Sister Annabel during the weekend of April 14,2000. The study program started with a Dharma talk by Sister Annabel to the Vietnamese community on Friday night. The subject was mindfulness practice and guarding of our six senses. Our community was delighted with the chanting ceremony and singing practice led by Sister Chan Hoa Nghiem in Vietnamese.

The next day was a Day of Mindfulness, organized by the Ottawa Buddhist Society together with all Thay's practice groups in Ottawa. Many people from different traditions and cultures came together for this one-day event. Sister Annabel gave a wonderful talk on the Five Mindfulness Trainings, and seven people received the Trainings at the end of the day. Everyone cooperated and practiced beautifully and it felt that this is what the world could be like Sister Annabel's talk was taped and put on the Ottawa local Website by Andre Vellino. The website address is

On Sunday, Sister Annabel and Hoa Nghiem visited the Chanh-Kien Buddhist Youth Family downtown at MacNabb Center. There, Sister Annabel gave another meaningful talk to the young people and their parents.

Notes from Maple Village Sangha

About sixty Order members and friends gathered for the Vietnamese Order of Interbeing annual retreat at Maple Village (Bolton West, Quebec, Canada) during the long weekend of May 19, 2000. During the retreat, a new bell tower was erected in front of the Dharma hall. We now have a beautiful place for the bell, with flowers all around.

Live-in-Mindfulness at Haus Maitreya

Throughout the year, Haus Maitreya in Germany offers the possibility for friends to live and practice. Karl and Helga Riedl, who lived in Plum Village for several years, are the Dharma teachers in residence. Haus Maitreya advises guests to come for at least a week, but shorter periods are possible. For more details or a sample daily schedule, please contact Intersein-Zentrum fur Leben in Achtsamkeit, Haus Maitreya, Unterkashof 2 1/3, 94545 Hohenau, Germany; Tel: (49)8558-920252; Fax: (49)8558-920434; e-mail:

MB Subscription Manager Needed

The Mindfulness Bell needs an experienced subscription manager or database manager to manage our subscription list (on Access, Excel, Panorama, or Acumen), input new and renewal subscriptions, and work with the mail house as each issue goes out. If you are interested in focusing loving energy and expertise on The Mindfulness Bell 10-20 hours a week (more just prior to and after each issue's release), please call or send your resume and letter of interest to Community of Mindful Living, P.O. Box 7355, Berkeley, CA 94707, USA; Tel: (510)527-3751; Fax: (510)525-7129;

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