10 Points for Working in Mindful Awareness

By Hannah S. Wilder As an executive and leadership coach, I am able to combine my spiritual and professional practices. Most of my coaching takes the form of asking questions to raise awareness, reflecting what I see, and checking to see if the executive sees some truth in my perceptions. Then we identify what is desired as a change, and figure out how to change behaviors and results.

Busy leaders like simple reminder lists that help them learn and remember practices new to them, so I developed the following Ten Principles for Working in Mindful Awareness:

1. Always be conscious of your breath and come back to that awareness when you find yourself being forgetful, confused, or reactive.

2. Let go of attachment to any system of working or managing, so that, through being mindful, you can observe with "beginner's mind" what is best for everyone present.

3. Open your heart so that you can be sensitive to your own pain and struggle, and that of others, because what affects one affects all. We are all connected.

4. Simplify everything, eliminate clutter, and do only one thing at a time.

5. Let go of anger, resentment, criticism, and self-judgment.

6. Look and listen deeply to see and hear what is below the surface.

7. Speak the truth, with compassion and kindness, from your heart.

8. Actively cultivate personal, organizational, and environmental health and well-being.

9. Choose to work with those who practice mindful awareness in their relationships with you.

10. Invite others to practice by your example, never by coercion (which wouldn't work, anyway!).

(10 points copyrighted by Hannah S. Wilder and reprinted with her permission.)

Hannah S. Wilder, True Good Heart, practices with the Cloud Floating Free Sangha in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is Principal of Wiseheart Global Leadership Coaching.

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