Poem: petals of insight

in the morning, i breathe the cool air,moist with dew all around the earth is waking up, soaking in the fresh warm light. i too, turn to face the sun, sweet joy.

in the afternoon, i take gentle steps on this precious soil of my mind. i lay my body down, in the shade of a healthy pine tree. my arms crossed over my chest, embracing myself

tenderly i hold the pain of many lifetimes. my precious companion, teaching me the way of acceptance, compassion.

written in my breath is a loving word, a peaceful  smile. i rise, following the rhythms of the sun. i recall my teacher's words, "My child, we walk among stars. Can you see this is true?" each flower, a cosmos of sun and Earth, ancestors and loving kindness.

in this moment, it is not an external notion, i see i am the sunshine. my suffering is not mine, is not encased in this body alone, is not caught in you and me, is not separate from the sunshine.

to embrace is to include, to surround, to surrender. i asked my teacher, please show me how to transform my suffering, how to bring peace to my heart and my mind. my teacher said, my child, embrace yourself, include yourself. do not cut yourself with fear and jealousy. do not be ashamed of your pain . it is precious, it is the fertile soil of enlightenment.

that beautiful rose that touches your heart, look closely, you will see some petals are withering, some are just beginning to bloom. the beauty is not found in its perfection, but in its wholehearted offering. fragrant and fresh, withering and worn.

breathing in and breathing out. one action lights up the mind of understanding and love.

21 may 2002

by Sister Steadiness


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