Poem: Contemplation

Since the moon is full tonight,
let us call upon the stars in prayer.
the power of concentration, seen through the bright,
one-pointed mind, is shaking the universe.

All living beings are present tonight
to witness the ocean of fear flooding the Earth.

Upon the sound of the midnight bell,
everyone in the ten directions joins hands
and enters the meditation on Mahakaruna.

Compassion springs from the heart, as pure,
refreshing water healing the wounds of life.

From the highest peak of the Mind Mountain,
the blessed water streams down,
penetrating rice fields and orange groves.

The poisonous snake drinks a drop of this nectar
from the tip of a blade of green grass,
and the poison on its tongue vanishes.

Mara’s arrows are transformed
into fragrant flowers.

The wondrous action of the healing water—
a mysterious transformation!
A child now holds the snake in her innocent arms.

Leaves are still green in the ancient garden.
The shimmering sunlight smiles on the snow,
and the sacred spring still flows towards the East.

On Avalokita’s willow branch, or in my heart,
the healing water is the same.

Tonight all weapons fall at our feet and turn to dust.

One flower, two flowers millions
of little flowers appear in the green fields.

The gate of deliverance opens with a smile
on the lips of my innocent child.

Thich Nhat Hanh, 1965

This is a metta (love) meditation to produce the balm of amirita (immortality) that can transform our hearts and the world. Mahakaruna is the mind of love that has the capacity to relieve the suffering of many living beings.

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