Another year has passed and once again I am offered another year of the Mindfulness Bell. In gratitude I will accept your offer with the promise to share the Mindfulness Bell with our Sangha. We currently have about ten members of our Sangha and we all are grateful for the wisdom and insight that is available in every issue of your magazine. Thank you and everyone who supports the Mindfulness Bell and makes it available for people who need the healing effect of the Dharma. Your compassion is changing lives! Humbly yours, Patrick Lee Sluyter Lake Correctional Institution Florida

Dear Friends,

Many thanks for all the work that all of you do to make the Mindfulness Bell such a wonderful publication. I smile reading it, as it reminds me that I’m a part of a large Dharma Sharing Family and there are numerous ways to learn from and incorporate the practice.

Peace in every moment, Wendy Warburton


In the Summer 2014 issue (#66), in Jeff Nielsen’s article, “Reversing the Legacy of War: A Veteran’s Story,” Dharma teacher Patricia Hunt-Perry was incorrectly named Helen Hunt-Perry.

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