SOS: Help for Hungry People in Tay Nguyen

 In the West Highlands of Vietnam mb39-SOS1

Dear Friends,

Eight thousand, seven hundred people living in the west highlands of Vietnam, 200 km west of Dalat, are starving from an extended drought. The farmers and their families watch their crops dry up and die, and the family rice container empties until not even a handful of rice is left. With broken hearts, they have to leave the highlands to walk down to the cities to find work or beg for food.

mb39-SOS2We would like to thank the twenty-seven friends who have sent donations to help these people. Even though so many of us have been focusing our donations on victims of the tsunami, still we have received during the last three months $1,005 US dollars.

Together with funds from the Plum Village bookshop and sales of calligraphies of Thay, we are sending $9,000 USD to them.

mb39-SOS3Our friends living in cities near this drought-stricken area report that they are trying to help those who cannot even walk to the cities. They have selected 870 of the poorest families, who will die without our help. Each family with five weak members (for example, with four children and one aged mother) will receive $10 USD to purchase thirty-five kilograms of rice to keep them from starving.

They need to continue receiving our help, so please write a check now for whatever you can donate, even if only $5.00.

Make checks payable to: UBC Deer Park earmarked SOS West Highlands Hungry People

Mail to: Deer Park Monastery 2496 Melru Lane Escondido, CA 92026

Thanks a lot.

Sr. Chan Khong

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