Poem: Awakening

This morning at breakfast I had nine grapes. I know Because I tasted each one And enjoyed each one and For the first time felt the resistance of each one as I pulled each from its stem For the first time saw Where the grape meets the stem The little tufts

Through which the grape became the grape Through which the nutrients, the flavor, the sweetness Flowed into it and Now into me Small, never before seen by me, unnamed, unfamous Tufts And then the bread Dense with grains, Good-for-you dense and dry in the mouth. What’s this? Sweetness!

Cranberries on the underside Hidden from my view. My goodness, what a surprise.

I can hardly contain myself with the glory of this moment. Tears well up. I don’t know why. Great anticipation to get back to my room to write this down And still the great challenge not to anticipate. So many Moments between now and then Wash my dishes fully present, Climb the steps, Bow to the monk passing by, Walk through the garden, each plant, Pass the pond where the fish are quiet Enjoying the cool water before the sun shines.

Tom Heller, Awakened Virtues of the Heart, is moving from Seattle to Cambodia, where he and his wife hope to start a Sangha.

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