Green Mountain Dharma Center Needs Our Help

Dear Dharma Friends, Green Mountain Dharma Center would like to winterize Lotus Bud Meditation Hall, our beautiful old red hay barn, so we can use it next winter and for many years to come. A volunteer master carpenter and two monks trained in carpentry and masonry are ready to begin the work.

Through extensive research we have chosen to install an efficient wood-burning furnace and either radiant floor or baseboard heating. Unlike using oil for heat, this system doesn’t produce toxic fumes. It is also the least expensive heating method to run in our part of the country.

We need labor and funding for this project. Dear Friends, can you help?

  • We need skilled and unskilled labor to help us on Saturday mornings this summer and during our working periods each weekday except Thursday, our Day of Mindfulness.
  • We need help funding this project. Our initial outlay, for the furnace and the heat storage tank, is $8,300. We will also need other building materials, additional windows for passive solar energy, and a wheelchair ramp. The total cost of the project comes to over $30,000.

Thank you for any contribution that you are able to make at this time. The most important support is your spiritual practice of mindfulness. Thank you for your commitment to that practice for peace in the world.

Sr. True Virtue, Abbess Green Mountain Dharma Center

Enclosed is my donation to help winterize the Lotus Bud Meditation Hall.


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Make checks payable to: Green Mountain Dharma Center and mail to: Box 182 Ayers Lane, Hartland-Four-Corners, VT 05049.

If you can help with construction, please call: (802) 436-1103, or e-mail:

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