Walking Meditation Song

by Laurie Rabut mb40-Walking1


Every step I have arrived, touching joy to be alive. Touching peace with every step, touching truth, no birth, no death And our smiles as the water fresh and clear. It’s good to walk with you, my dear.

As we walk upon the land, Mother Earth holds out her hand As we walk in peace, with grace, seeds of joy on every face And our smiles as the flowers fresh with dew. It’s good dear friends to walk with you.

This song came to me while traveling with Thay’s delegation in Vietnam. It is dedicated to Thay, the delegation of monastics and lay Sangha members and to all the beautiful Vietnamese people with whom we practiced walking meditation. During the trip I received many gifts and I was deeply moved. This song is my gift in return. It brings me great joy to share it with the Sangha.

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