Poem: A Walk with Thay

By Larry Ward Walking meditation through the thick green jungle Sights and sounds of war revealed Fear, confusion, sorrow, and anger What are we doing here? Dying

Deformed bodies, still rising from the womb Of mother earth Scorched by the ideas of war Easy to forget, so far away We continue to create suffering

Babies’ cries fall on the deaf ears of companies and courts Agent Orange harmed even our own Too busy to remember Hidden from view Our depression comes from reality

Eyes of hope and forgiveness Look at me through child ancestors of war Orphanage visit shocks my heart Into life What am I doing now?

The jungle opens to a great space A crowd of a thousand comes into view Bowing with joined palms Silence is thick Smiles and tears

Larry Ward, True Great Voice, is a Dharma teacher living in Asheville, North Carolina.

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