Lamp Transmission

In February, Tony Mills and Pritam Singh were among those chosen to receive the lamp transmission from Thich Nhat Hanh and become Dharma teachers. During the ceremony, they each offered an insight gatha, and received one in response from Thay. mb37-Lamp1

Tony Mills’s Insight Gatha I walk the great southern land holding your hand. Each time the kookaburra laughs I hear you calling. You have lifted the veil from my heart See how it shines like a diamond. Deep in the forest the compassionate moon Awakens every leaf. A beacon shines on the ocean of suffering.

Thay’s Transmission Gatha to Tony The clear bright moon shining on the forest stream The silent planet contemplates the cosmos The three thousand worlds are standing in stillness as The auspicious flower is blooming pure white

Pritam Singh’s Insight Gatha For countless generations I looked through my mother’s eyes filled with sorrow and regret, until a gentle rain washed away the tears. This morning, holding the hand of my dearest friend, I walked in the mountains along the old path.

Thay’s Transmission Gatha to Pritam My original vow is to protect and support the Sangha.

The whole mountain is now illuminated by the sunshine, and I can already see the pink cloud floating lightly on it.

When we realize that our Suchness, our true mind, our true nature, is without the idea of more-or-less, empty-or-full, the energy of great compassion in us can be transformed into thousands of eyes and thousands of hands in order to help relieve the suffering in the world.

mb37-Lamp2 mb37-Lamp3

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